MARRIAGE IN MANKON Since marriage plays a significant role in establishing the entire family’s economic and social standing, mate selection is a way of forging connections between kinship groups. As such it is considered too important to be left to the individuals involved. Consequently, mate selection, marriage negotiations and rituals are usually handled by the […]


In January 1891, with five German offi­cers and about five thousand soldiers recruited from the Bali, Bakongwa and Meta’ tribes, Zintgraff attacked the Mankon people. Objects and Symbols of Authority Oral tradition refers to the clan head of Maso’, in the person of Nsu’kyen, the last leader of the confederation: this ended with the foundation […]

Traditional Rituals

Religion in Mankon has its own forms and modalities of worship. In terms of form, traditional rituals are the most important, while secret shrines are usually identified with streams, forests, trees and stones. Access to these sites is generally forbidden to the public, especially women, with only initiated members, chief priests and diviners being allowed […]

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